ECI® Candidate Criteria

Dogs of any breed, age, or sex may be a candidate for this treatment if he/she meets the following criteria:

1. Newly diagnosed with appendicular osteosarcoma with the limb still in place (bone cancer in a limb, not skull or spine)1
2. Under the care of a veterinarian who has assessed the patient to be in sufficiently good health overall to undergo and complete the ~6-7 week treatment schedule
3. Is not currently pregnant or lactating
4. Has not previously received any treatments for its cancer
5. Does not have metastatic disease (spread of cancer) at the time of diagnosis
6. Is not currently on immunosuppressive drugs like prednisone or oclacitinib (a “washout” period prior to therapy may be needed for certain drugs)
7. Does not have a second malignancy (cancer of a different type)
8. Has an owner/guardian who is able to take the dog to 6-10 scheduled clinic visits during the 6-7 week treatment schedule

1As a potential platform technology, the company continues to evaluate the use of ECI® for other cancer indications.

ECI® is distributed as an experimental product under USDA 9 CFR 103.3. For use under supervision/prescription of a licensed veterinarian. Efficacy and safety have not been established.