Information for Pet Owners

Our dogs, cats and horses are more than just pets, they are part of our families. They greet us at the door, encourage us to get off the couch, brighten our moods, help us make new friends, and research shows they even make us healthier overall. When a veterinarian uses the word “cancer” in reference to our furry friends, it can be devastating. Sadly, one in four dogs will receive that diagnosis at some point in their lives. Until recently, the only choices available were surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or the only option faced by many pet parents—palliative care until euthanasia. ELIAS Animal Health is dedicated to changing that, and in fact, we’re changing the way cancer is fundamentally treated. Many experts believe immunotherapy—stimulating the body’s own immune system—offers the best hope for combating cancer. That’s what we’re doing at ELIAS. Because you deserve better options and so does your pet.