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ELIAS Animal Health Expands Manufacturing Capacity Ahead of Product Approval and Pipeline Expansion

OLATHE, Kan., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ELIAS Animal Health, a leading companion animal cancer therapeutics company, is expanding its manufacturing capacity in a larger facility located in Lenexa, Kansas as it prepares for the commercial product launch of the ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) later this year. In January 2024, ECI® was determined by the USDA as demonstrating a reasonable expectation of efficacy, a significant milestone in the pathway to product licensure, and a significant milestone in veterinary oncology. ECI® is poised to be the only adoptive cell therapy of its kind approved for the treatment of canine osteosarcoma, a deadly form of bone cancer in dogs. Osteosarcoma is one of the top five cancers in dogs and yet little innovation has been achieved in treating this disease. The historical standard of care for treating canine osteosarcoma has been off-label chemotherapy. With ECI®’s pioneer position as a therapy specifically indicated [...]

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ELIAS Animal Health Appoints Chief Revenue Officer; Launches Pursuit of $10M Series A Funding to Support Commercialization and Development of Innovative Canine Cancer Therapies

Experienced executive will lead launch of the first USDA-approved immunotherapy for the treatment of bone cancer in dogs OLATHE, Kan., April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ELIAS Animal Health, a leading companion animal cancer therapeutics company, today announced the appointment of Brian Segebrecht as Chief Revenue Officer in anticipation of the impending product approval of the ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) in Q4. Segebrecht joins the ELIAS leadership team after recently leading Sentrx Animal Care as CEO to a point of exit in 2023. At ELIAS, he will lead the commercialization of the company’s first-in-class adoptive cell therapy, as well as drive new business partnerships for the expanding product pipeline at ELIAS. “Brian’s track record of transforming commercial strategy and building value for shareholders make him the perfect fit as we move closer to the regulatory approval of ECI® in Q4 of 2024,” said Tammie Wahaus, CEO of ELIAS Animal Health. “His leadership [...]

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PODCAST: ELIAS returns to Dog Cancer Answers to Talk About Alternatives to Chemotherapy

ELIAS Animal Health CEO, Tammie Wahaus, returns to the Dog Cancer Answers podcast to talk about ECI® as an alternative treatment to chemotherapy for canine osteosarcoma. Earlier this year the USDA determined that ECI® has demonstrated a reasonable expectation of efficacy, a major milestone in the product licensure pathway. Listen to the episode below to find out what's next for ECI®, or read the full transcript at Dog Cancer Answers online. Listen to more episodes of the Dog Cancer Answers podcast here.  

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USDA Agrees Clinical Trial Data for the ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) Demonstrates Reasonable Expectation of Efficacy for the Treatment of Bone Cancer in Dogs

First-in-class adoptive cell therapy for treatment of osteosarcoma, a deadly form of bone cancer in dogs OLATHE, Kan., Jan. 17, 2024  /PRNewswire/ -- ELIAS Animal Health, a leading companion animal cancer therapeutics company, today announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture Center for Veterinary Biologics has determined that the data from the company’s ECI-OSA-04 pivotal combined safety and efficacy study demonstrated a reasonable expectation of efficacy, a critical milestone in the licensure pathway. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two and represents a significant unmet medical need in veterinary medicine. This two-arm field safety and efficacy study (n=100) is one of the largest clinical trials conducted in canine cancer and the first of its kind to evaluate a state-of-the-art adoptive cell therapy as a treatment for cancer in dogs. The ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) works by conditioning the immune system to recognize a patient’s [...]

Pet Cancer Awareness Month and the One Health Connection

Pets bring us immense joy and companionship, making them cherished members of our families. However, just like humans, they too can be affected by cancer. Pet Cancer Awareness Month, observed throughout November, is a reminder of the importance of early detection, prevention, and treatment of cancer in our animal companions. Fittingly, it coincides with One Health Day on November 3, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of human and animal health, and the environment we share. Cancer Can Happen to Pets Too Cancer is a complex and devastating disease that can affect any breed, age, or species of pet. Just like in humans, pet cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow uncontrollably, forming tumors that can spread to other parts of the body. The most common types of cancer found in dogs include lymphoma, mast cell tumors, and osteosarcoma (bone cancer), while cats are often prone to lymphoma, mammary cancer, and oral cancers. [...]

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Oncolytic Virotherapy in Veterinary Medicine

ELIAS Animal Health previously announced it has in-licensed an oncolytic vaccinia virus treatment for pet animals from Genelux Corporation. The agreement grants ELIAS the worldwide right to development and commercialization of V-VET1 for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer in veterinary medicine. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about this agreement and what we plan to do with the technology. What is V-VET1? V-VET1 is Genelux Corporation’s clinical-stage animal health product candidate. It is a vaccinia viral strain that selectively replicates in cancer cells to ultimately cause cell death (apoptosis). Who is Genelux Corporation? Genelux is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a pipeline of next-generation oncolytic immunotherapies for human patients suffering from aggressive and/or difficult-to-treat solid tumor types. Learn more about Genelux and their technology at www.genelux.com. What is an oncolytic virus? An oncolytic virus is a virus that can infect and kill cancer [...]

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How Long-Term Patient Registries Support Better Cancer Care

Our mission at ELIAS Animal Health is to improve cancer treatment outcomes in veterinary patients through the advancement of innovative therapies. To do that, it is imperative to understand the long-term outcomes of dogs who undergo the ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®). Following our randomized controlled trial (RCT) for canine osteosarcoma, we recently launched a long-term patient registry which will collect both long-term survival and quality of life data on dogs who participated in our clinical trials or received ECI outside of clinical trials. What Are Long-Term Patient Registries? Long-term patient registries allow us to observe real-world ongoing outcomes after clinical trials have concluded. ELIAS’ patient registry will provide insight into the quality-of-life dogs experience post-treatment, help us understand the long-term impact of ECI, and deliver data points that may (or may not) impact our understanding of the patient’s outcome. It will also inform our future product development. Specifically, the registry [...]

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Why We Use Cytotoxic T Cells to Attack Cancer

Artist interpretation: Cytotoxic T cells (blue) attack a cancer cell (orange). The immune system hosts an army of white blood cells dedicated to helping the body fight infections. One faction of this army includes T cells, a type of white blood cell that develops from stem cells in bone marrow. There are three main types of T cells that each play a different role in the highly-coordinated defense of the body against illness: Regulatory T cells modulate the immune response and prevent other immune cells from becoming overactive. Helper T cells help activate other immune cells once they detect evidence of a foreign invader, such as a virus or cancer.  Killer, or cytotoxic, T cells directly attack and destroy cells they recognize as being foreign. Over the past few decades, advancements in immunotherapy have come a long way, and it is now an important part of treating some [...]

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ECI®: What to Expect During the T Cell Infusion

The ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) is an alternative treatment option to chemotherapy for certain types of canine cancer. ECI is a two-step sequential and interdependent protocol. Step 1 involves priming the patient’s immune system with a personalized vaccine that stimulates an immune response. Step 2 is the activation, expansion and reinfusion of the patient’s cancer antigen-specific T cells which can travel to and attack the cancer cells in the dog’s body. We’re often asked if patients can receive only the vaccines, without T cell infusion. Both steps are essential and play different roles in treatment. Stimulating the immune system isn’t enough to eliminate cancer. The vaccine step primes the immune system to create T cells that can specifically recognize the cancer cells. In the second step of the treatment protocol, these T cells are collected from the blood, and then functionally activated and numerically expanded in the laboratory. Once [...]

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Canine Cancer Resources For Pet Owners

When pets are diagnosed with cancer, pet owners can sometimes feel lost about where to find help and information about their options. The best place to start is the family veterinarian. He or she can answer questions and help families navigate a difficult diagnosis. The family vet can help make referrals to veterinary oncologists, and even provide information about the treatment options available for their pet.  Learn About Canine Cancer ELIAS Animal Health is committed to developing better treatment options for animal cancer for pets and their families. To support veterinarians and their clients in the quest for information, we've put together some content that speaks plainly and clearly to dog owners and their care teams. We hope these articles and podcasts serve as a resource for you and your clients. The Connection Between Canine and Human Cancer touches on the cross-collaboration between human and canine cancer researchers and how [...]

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