Clinical trial results with new immunotherapy, ECI®, for osteosarcoma showed 50% of dogs survived greater than one year and 36% survived multiple years.

*Results published July 2020

One in four dogs will develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two. Canine cancers are often discovered in the late stages of the disease when treatment is difficult. Pet owners and their families are urgently looking for new and better options that not only prolong their companion’s life, but also improve the quality of life.

ELIAS Animal Health, in collaboration with local veterinarians and veterinary hospitals, is helping these dogs and their families address this reality.


Meet Roscoe and His Mom

Meet Echo and Her Brother Houdini

Tammie Wahaus, Chief Executive Officer

“We (ELIAS) brought the technology over from a human health company with the hopes that we would be able to significantly improve the survival times and quality of life for dogs being treated for cancer,” said ELIAS CEO Tammie Wahaus. “What’s really cool about the work we are doing is the relationship between human cancers and canine cancers. We believe our work will change the way canine and human cancers are treated in the future.”

Kathy Ireland Interview with ELIAS CEO Tammie Wahaus

Clinical Trials. Ongoing.

ELIAS Animal Health has completed multiple clinical trials—focused initially on dogs—with data presented at major veterinary scientific meetings. Our preliminary osteosarcoma clinical trial results were published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine in July 2020. Data from the study showed 50% of dogs survived greater than one year and 36% survived multiple years.