When pets are diagnosed with cancer, pet owners can sometimes feel lost about where to find help and information about their options. The best place to start is the family veterinarian. He or she can answer questions and help families navigate a difficult diagnosis. The family vet can help make referrals to veterinary oncologists, and even provide information about the treatment options available for their pet. 

Learn About Canine Cancer

ELIAS Animal Health is committed to developing better treatment options for animal cancer for pets and their families. To support veterinarians and their clients in the quest for information, we’ve put together some content that speaks plainly and clearly to dog owners and their care teams. We hope these articles and podcasts serve as a resource for you and your clients.

  • The Connection Between Canine and Human Cancer touches on the cross-collaboration between human and canine cancer researchers and how we’re able to extend our biotechnology across multiple cancer types in both humans and dogs.
  • How Immunotherapy Works breaks down how a dog’s immune system can potentially fight off its own cancer.
  • Can We Treat Cancer Without Chemotherapy? This article digs deeper into how medical advances like immunotherapy provide hope while avoiding chemotherapy in some types of canine cancers.
  • This Fuzzybutts & Friends podcast explores how ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) works against bone cancer in dogs, as well as how ELIAS is committed to developing more immunotherapies for pets with cancer.
  • In this Dog Cancer Answers podcast, ELIAS CEO Tammie Wahaus explains how ECI works, the role of a healthy immune system in successful immunotherapy, and why we chose to focus on canine osteosarcoma first.

Information About ECI for Pet Owners

For more information about ECI, check out these resources just for pet owners on our website:

ELIAS Animal Health is here to support vets, pets and families through a challenging diagnosis. Feel free to contact us with questions, or check out our social media feeds for more information.