ELIAS Animal Health, a clinical stage development company advancing novel treatments for cancer in companion animals, is offering a fourth site for its clinical trial to determine the safety and efficacy of ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI™) as a treatment for newly- diagnosed appendicular osteosarcoma in dogs.

The objective of this clinical trial is to determine whether ECI™ used in combination with surgery produces better outcomes than treatment with surgery alone. Efficacy will be determined by patient survival and comparing the outcomes to historical control data. The trial will be conducted at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego.

ELIAS Animal Health chief executive officer, Tammie Wahaus, shared a promising update on trial results to-date on Nov. 3, during the Collaborate2Cure series sponsored by Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute and BioKansas.

“Early clinical study results already show positive outcomes,” said Wahaus. “One patient, a 6-year old German Shorthaired Pointer, has survived one year after her osteosarcoma diagnosis, which is twice as long as the typical prognosis. At her most recent follow-up visit, lung radiographs showed no signs of metastasis and she was a happy, energetic amputee. Her results are consistent with the results achieved in other preclinical and clinical studies of this treatment platform.”

ELIAS Animal Health and parent company, TVAX Biomedical, Inc., which developed the unique immunotherapy treatment platform for use in humans known as TVAX Immunotherapy®, were invited to present during the Collaborate2Cure series, which is aimed at stimulating collaboration across the Midwest and solving specific scientific challenges.

In her special One Health Day presentation, she explained how TVAX and ELIAS are jointly advancing this personalized treatment that triggers the patient’s immune system to attack and eliminate cancer cells. New collaborations for two multi-site brain cancer studies in children and adults are planned in the near future.

“Each patient’s cancer is unique and the ECI platform offers a genetically-unique approach that could be useful in treating numerous types of cancer at any stage of disease,” Wahaus said. “The ECI approach is a proprietary combination of pretreatment with a personalized cancer vaccination followed by ex vivo activated “killer” T-cell therapy. This dual approach is what makes the ECI approach distinct from other cancer immunotherapies and offers the promise of improved disease survival outcomes and better quality of life for cancer patients.”

Media contact:
Susan Wright

Veterinarians interested in more information on the clinical program, please visit www.eliasanimalhealth.com or contact ELIAS at clinicaltrials@eliasah.com. Interested investors may contact info@eliasah.com.

About ELIAS Animal Health
Based in Olathe, Kan., ELIAS Animal Health is a medical biotechnology company advancing its novel targeted T cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of canine cancers. The ELIAS cancer immunotherapy is being distributed to veterinarians under 9 CFR 103.3 as an experimental product. The company’s novel therapeutic approach offers the promise of improved clinical outcomes and the potential for fundamentally changing the way cancer is treated. For more information, please visit www.eliasanimalhealth.com.

About TVAX
TVAX Biomedical is a clinical stage development company advancing its novel targeted cell-based immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Current treatment options for cancer, which include
surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, are not adequately meeting patient treatment needs. Radiation and chemotherapy in particular are highly toxic and rarely “cure” the patient by
permanently eliminating the cancer. With more than 1.5 million new cases of cancer diagnosed and more than 500,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. each year, more effective, less toxic treatment options are desperately needed.