Canine Osteosarcoma Clinical Trial

Enrollment in the trial is now closed. Results to be published in 2024.

Trial Overview

ELIAS Animal Health recently conducted a clinical trial to evaluate its ELIAS cancer immunotherapy (ECI®)—a vaccine-enhanced adoptive cell therapy—combined with surgery as a treatment for canine osteosarcoma. The study enrolled 102 dogs at 10 study sites across the country.

ELIAS has developed a unique immunotherapy treatment protocol which may permit the dog’s immune system to attack its own cancer cells. ECI has demonstrated effectiveness in clinical trials in both canines and humans, while avoiding or minimizing the need for chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

– Trial enrollment was required prior to amputation (affected limb must be intact)
– Treatment included either ECI immunotherapy or carboplatin chemotherapy
– Patients completed a 7-11 week treatment regimen and returned for quarterly follow-up visits throughout the 18-month trial

To learn more about this therapy and to see if your dog or canine patient may be a good candidate for treatment, please schedule a visit with a participating hospital near you or contact us for more information.