Canine Oral Melanoma Clinical Trial

Now enrolling. Contact a participating hospital to see if your patient or dog is eligible.

Trial Overview

ELIAS Animal Health is currently conducting a pilot study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of its adoptive cell therapy treatment combined with surgery and radiotherapy, if indicated, for dogs diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma. Dogs treated in the study will receive an adoptive T cell therapy (a form of immunotherapy) instead of chemotherapy.

This clinical trial will enroll dogs that have been newly diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma but have not yet been treated for their cancer. It will be a single-arm study with no randomization. ELIAS is providing financial assistance that will substantially cover costs of participation and treatment in the trial.


To be eligible for the study, the dog must meet these primary entry criteria: has oral melanoma, has a high risk for near-term recurrence, and has a high probability of living at least 4 months following surgery. Other inclusion/exclusion criteria include:

  • Resected cancer has been classified pathologically as oral malignant melanoma
  • Not pregnant and not lactating
  • Must weigh at least 15 kg at time of screening
  • Has not received immunosuppressive chemical agents within 14 days prior to enrollment
  • Does not have metastatic disease

To learn more about this therapy and to see if your dog or canine patient may be a good candidate for treatment, please contact a participating hospital near you.